3 Obvious Things Your Website is Missing Today that will Cause You to Lose Revenue Tomorrow

Almost all websites are missing the mark on three simple principles. If one or more of these elements are missing, visitors are more likely to bounce from the website and much less likely to convert from a visitor to a customer.

You can evaluate these three elements today, so pull up your website and see how you measure up. These three elements are critical for each key landing page on your website (including your homepage). When a visitor gets to your webpage, and they can’t answer these three questions at a glance, you’re failing and providing a negative customer experience.

Keep reading for these three simple principles that every landing page needs to have today.

1. What | State What It Is That You Do

First impressions matter. Do you have a high bounce rate? You may be making it hard for visitors to understand what it is that you sell.

You have to state plainly what it is that your business does. What do you sell?

A lot of companies use aspirational language, and they forget to say “We sell shoes”. You have to be very direct and clear with the words you’re using, so visitors understand exactly what you are selling. Don’t make them think!

Hearthsong homepage
Example: Hearthsong does not make it easy to understand what they sell on their site. Their hero copy talks about “this kit” but does not make it clear what product they are selling.

True Meals & Chews homepage
Example: True Meals & Chews Blue Buffalo is very clear and direct about what they sell: “What to feed them” (e.g., dog food)

Spoke London homepage
Example: Spoke London Spoke-London perfects this element by describing what they offer to their customers in two keywords: “menswear” and “fit”.

2. Who | Name Your Target Audience

The second most important element is to name your target audience. Many businesses forget to make it obvious who they are talking to or targeting with their product.

Many businesses want to target everyone and end up being too generic, because they say their product works for everyone. Visitors connect better if they see themselves in your website and in your messaging. Visitors respond positively to specific and direct messages, and they’ll be more confident that the site is relevant to them if they can see the information plainly.

War Paint for Men homepage
Example: Spoke London The target audience by War Paint is Men. War Paint is clearly specific about who uses their products and also does this with a clear CTA (Call-To-Action): “Makeup for Men”.

Lagatta homepage
Example: Lagatta Lagatta is targeting older women - “Women growing bolder”.

3. Why | Tell your Visitors why They Should Choose You

The final element that needs to be easy to find on your website is the answer to “Why us?” Why should your visitors stay on your website and why should they choose you over a competitor?

At Experiment Zone, we find that focusing on a simple message (typically 3 value propositions) will help visitors understand quickly what the customer experience will be if they choose to purchase. We want to remind them of these value propositions early and often on our websites, so that they feel confident in their choice to purchase from you.

You might consider value positions such as:

  • Where the product is made
  • How quickly the customer will receive the product
  • Any guarantees or return policies
  • Social proof and reviews

You will find that some value propositions work better than others. This can be uncovered by testing different iterations using A/B testing and interviewing your customers to hear from them about the key reasons they purchased from your company.

Grammarly homepage
Example: Grammarly Grammarly is a great example of B2B ecommerce with a clear value proposition. They promise their customers an AI that will write greatly but in a simplified way.

Good & Proper Teas homepage
Example: Good & Proper Teas Good and Proper Tea is an ecommerce business that sells directly to consumers. You can easily identify the value proposition here: “take our tea and you will have a great day, everyday.”

Mailchimp homepage
Example: Mailchimp Mailchimp’s value proposition is simple for businesses seeking to turn emails into revenue.

At Experiment Zone, we will help your team uncover and solve problems keeping customers from finding and buying products and services on your website. Our team of CRO experts will help you understand your customers and how they are interacting with your site, and we will assess your current experience and recommend the highest impact tests.

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