Case Study: Subscription Software

Software Company Sees Increased Trial Sign Ups with Iteratively Improved Value Proposition

Client Background

The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Company aims to have prospective customers view a demo and sign up for a free trial of their software. They were seeing visitors reach the landing pages and engaging with the content, but wanted to see a larger percentage of those prospects convert to a free trial.

The Challenge

The product pages included detailed information about the software, but did not highlight “why” the customer should get this solution from this company. Visitors could find this information on the homepage, but many would not include a homepage view during their visit to the website.

Our Strategy

We recommended bringing the value position information from the homepage and repeating the same information on the product page. After running the test, we found that this did not impact whether visitors converted or not on the page.

Rather than move on, our team dug into this inconclusive experiment. We ran usability studies with representative customers to learn how they understood and responded to the value propositions, so we could iterate on the test and find a winning solution.

The Results

We overwhelmingly found that participants in the user study saw the value proposition - and understood it - but they generally thought “so what?” They said that this didn’t help differentiate the SaaS company from other options on the market. We took these insights and collaborated with the client to truly identify the reasons customers should buy from them. We retested with the new value propositions and saw a significant improvement in conversions on the product pages.

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