Our Mission: Better Experiences, More Revenue

Experiment Zone helps companies identify opportunities and evaluate ideas using research & data, so that they can improve customer experiences, grow conversion rates, and increase sales.

Our Values

Transparency & Communication Is Key

Focus On The Why,<br>Not The What logo

Focus On The Why,
Not The What

We believe we should move beyond “what” and get to the “why.” When clients understand why consultants are recommending a course of action, they’ll be happier and more engaged.

Tell The Story logo

Tell The Story

We believe in bringing life to data to help everyone understand what’s happening. We love data! But the real power comes from telling the story and inspiring your clients.

Good Ideas Can Come From Anyone logo

Good Ideas Can Come From Anyone

We believe that ideas can and should be sourced from anywhere – from executives to customers to anyone working in any role at a company. We believe that you can get better engagement and results by collecting ideas from across your client’s team, then using a data driven approach to evaluating those ideas.

Work Smart, Not Hard logo

Work Smart, Not Hard

We believe you can achieve more by working thoughtfully and curiously. We believe when you are thoughtful in your approach and measure the impact, consultants can provide more value to their customers. We spend less time to achieve more.

Transparency, Trust logo

Transparency, Trust

We believe in building trust through transparency. When customers know what consultants are working on, they feel at ease and can trust in the process. Clients love when consultants communicate the what, when, and why.

AJ Davis – Founder and CEO

AJ is an industry expert in user experience strategy with a proven track record for delivering true value to businesses.

She’s led optimization strategy for Fortune 500 companies during her tenure at Clearhead, including CVS, Steve Madden, and lululemon. She also created the user research practice and team at Clearhead.

Prior to Clearhead, AJ was the lead UX researcher on the Google Optimize product. She was on the team from ideation at a sprint week to product launch.

AJ is a Wellesley College alumnae and has a masters in Human Factors in Information Design from Bentley University.