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When and Where To Tell Your Brand Story, featuring AJ Davis

In this insightful podcast episode, AJ Davis explores the importance of storytelling and provides expert advice on when and where to effectively share your story. AJ Davis goes on to outline how to think about the role of each page on your site, where to add messaging about what makes your brand unique, and how to get that messaging right.


Increasing Your Revenue By Improving Your User’s Experience

Find out what it means to have a seamless user experience and how websites can use this knowledge to increase their online sales. Always start with your data to discover where to investigate potential problems with your website.


Unlock the Value of Your Website by Optimizing Your User Experience

Get started with conversion rate optimization! Learn what elements you should have on a website and how to A/B test your site user experience. Understand what metrics are essential and which metrics you should try to improve.


Setting The Right Metrics

In this episode of Rebooting Business, AJ Davis and David Somerfleck talk about user experience strategies with proven track records for delivering value to businesses.


Make creativity a priority in your CRO process

Curious about how to make creativity a priority in your CRO process? Our Founder and CEO, AJ Davis, explores just that in this CRO.CAFE podcast episode hosted by Guido Jansen.


Digging Deeper on Inconclusive Tests

If your usual response to inconclusive test results is to move on to the next experiment, you’ll want to hear about how she and her team got a huge win after digging deeper into some flat results.


Part 3/3: Conversion Rate Optimization from A to Z

Improving your website User Experience is crucial if you want to increase conversion. Our Founder and CEO, AJ Davis, walks Adama, the host, through an audit of her website, giving tips and suggestions to improve her website’s User Experience.


Part 2/3: Conversion Rate Optimization from A to Z

Are you getting started with Google Analytics? Our Founder and CEO, AJ Davis, talks through Google Analytics and where to start along with many of the features that can help increase your conversion rate.


Part 1/3: Conversion Rate Optimization from A to Z

Are you getting started with conversion rate optimization? Our Founder and CEO, AJ Davis, talks through all the tools you need to start implementing and optimizing your website todday.⁠ ⁠


Optimizing Conversions Through Experimentation

In this podcast, we discuss the importance of optimizing website conversions, how little changes can make a big difference, the importance of testing changes, and how metrics are important in building meaningful analytics.


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