Site Experience Audit

Get a fresh perspective from our team of conversion experts.

Identify opportunities to improve conversion and the overall experience on your website.

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How we'll improve your customer experience

Fast track your conversion improvements with an expert review of your end-to-end customer journey. We'll provide thorough and detailed analysis of the experience and prioritized recommendations for how to improve the experience and drive conversion.

We will employ two research methods for the site experience audit:

  • Cognitive Walkthrough - To find the most pressing issues
  • Heuristic Analysis - To evaluate your site against detailed best practices

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Our Simple and Seamless Process

In less than 4 weeks, we'll provide an expert review of your end-to-end customer journey.

Part 1 | Heuristic Analysis

We will review key pages across the browsing and purchasing funnel against a UX checklist.

Examples of some of the heuristics used include:

  • Users are able to undo and redo their actions
  • Users have consistency between words, behaviors, or actions
  • Users can leave unwanted states ('undo')
  • Calls to Action are action-oriented
  • Search always returns results

The full list of heuristics used in our analysis will be presented alongside the results in the checklist.

Part 2 | Cognitive Walkthrough

Identify the top issues in the way of conversion.

We'll identify the core customer personas and their journey through your website. You’ll uncover the top pain points across the journey - and our recommendations for how to resolve them in the short and long term.

As we gather insights, we will prioritize these based on the level of effort and expected impact.


Research plan & meeting

Executive summary of opportunities & conversion fixes
Detailed UX Audit Checklist with pass/fail

Read-out Meeting

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