What does it mean to optimize a site's navigation?

The more user-friendly your site is organized, the more easily visitors will be able to find what they are looking for. Give them a clear map of the content.

At Experiment Zone, we're experienced at finding the right categories and subcategories for your menu. The navigation is one of the first places we look to improve because it is essential to visitors finding what they are looking for - and ultimately converting.

Who should optimize their navigation?

You should optimize your navigation if you have more than a few pages on your site.

For e-commerce companies, you should be testing your navigation if you offer more than one product type.

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    How does Experiment Zone optimize navigations?

    We combine data from multiple sources to arrive at the best navigation for your business. We'll analyze how visitors currently navigate your site and where they spend their time. You'll understand which pages are the most influential to a conversion, so we can make it a more prominent part of the customer journey.

    Experiment Zone Navigation Optimization

    Step 1 | Kickoff (Week 1)

    In this 30 min call, we'll make sure we understand your goals. We'll get access to your analytics platform, so we can collect the data to inform our strategies. We'll also discuss expectations & set up our collaboration with your other partners.

    We'll also conduct navigation testing using card sorting and A/B tests, so we can understand the ideal navigation for your audience.

    You'll get a practical navigation that optimizes your navigation for web visitors to move around your site more easily.

    Step 2 | Uncover Conversion Opportunities (Week 2 + 3)

    During this step, we'll find and prioritize your conversion opportunities. This step includes:

    • Analytics Review
    • User Experience Audit

    As we gather insights, we will prioritize these based on level of effort and expected impact.

    Step 3 | Conversion Strategy Call

    During this 1-hour call, we will review the Conversion Audit Executive Summary. You'll get the data we gather, insights, and recommended actions to increase your conversion rate.

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