9 Reasons to Partner with Experiment Zone today

*This article makes mention of Google Optimize. Google has officially announced the sunset of Google Optimize. Both Google Optimize and Optimize 360 will sunset on September 30, 2023…. Read More

Experiment Zone is a leading CRO agency based in Austin, Texas. We help online businesses uncover and solve problems that keep website visitors from becoming and staying customers.

Our team began our journey focused on DTC ecommerce websites and helping our customers create experiences that enabled customers from browsing to order products online We’ve expanded to additional markets, including B2B and B2C businesses in retail and ecommerce, SaaS and software, finance, and fintech, health and wellness, construction, among many others. We’re passionate about helping your team connect with your customer and get them to take the desired action on your website.

Experiment Zone helps your business identify opportunities and evaluate ideas using data so that you can improve customer experiences and increase sales. We uncover seamless user experiences for your business, so you get the most value out of your website and increase revenue.

Keep reading to uncover the top 9 reasons you should partner with us. Ready to work with us? Schedule your free discovery call today.

1. The name Experiment Zone is based on Customer Research

Our business name was born out of customer research. We went through a few iterations before turning to our marketing research interviews for inspiration. When we reviewed our market interviews with prospects and customers, the word “Experiment” was one of the most common words. It fell behind Conversion Rate Optimization, A/B Testing, UX Research, and other industry terms. We consistently heard our work is referred to as “experiments.”

One of our core principles is to “treat everything as an experiment.” We even approach each of our internal strategies and processes as hypotheses and tests. One day, it clicked: we’re always in the “zone” of experimenting and learning.

Ultimately, the name Experiment Zone came through intentional market research and accidental discovery in our own philosophy and approach.

2. We are perfect for you if you’re curious and want to learn!

Our perfect clients are ones that are curious and want to grow. We want to help businesses expand by understanding their customers and providing the best (real-world tested) experiences.

We know that our clients have a lot of moving pieces and that understanding UX and conversion strategy takes a lot of detailed attention. We want to go layers deep to understand what small and large changes move the needle and help more visitors become customers. We love digging into the data and using scientific methods to uncover the right experiences.

Whether you need a strategic partner with conversion rate or user research, we are here for you.

3. Our services are personalized and create incredible returns

We structure our services around your business needs and growth plans. We create custom plans for our business partners, so we can get to a good testing velocity to help your business grow and thrive. Our clients get returns on their investment with us - and more. Check out our CRO Calculator to understand the value and potential impact of working with us.

We believe it’s critical to ask the right questions to uncover the biggest opportunities for testing, rather than testing any and all ideas. All of our Conversion Strategy & Testing programs include A/B tests alongside deeper analytics and user research analysis, so we can have a smart and insight-driven testing roadmap.

Our pricing depends on your traffic levels and the complexity of your website, how much we can learn, how much data you have, and how much testing makes sense for you.

4. Experiment Zone was born from first-hand experience at Google

The founder and CEO of Experiment Zone, AJ Davis, was the lead UX researcher on the Google Optimize* product. As a part of her user research, she interviewed hundreds of people who did A/B testing and optimization, empowering her to understand the best processes and the reasons why companies find conversion rate optimization critical to their business.

She also observed that there was a disconnect between the teams doing A/B testing and the user research teams, which she knew she had the expertise and resolve to tackle.

AJ brought her understanding of top testing and experimentation programs and created Experiment Zone. You’ll see this lived in our values and culture at Experiment Zone: be curious, ask the right questions, and go layers deep. By working with our team, you get real-world answers to what’s going on with your prospects and customers and will be able to resolve those issues through real-world experimentation.

5. Thoughtful and Data-Driven Process

Experiment Zone has an exceptionally thoughtful and data-driven process. One of our key advantages is that we run A/B tests (based on generated hypotheses) to measure progress towards each of your goals. A/B testing helps to uncover the answers that are the best fit for you and your customer. In addition to testing, we create clear strategies around where to start, what to do, and how this will help solve real conversion challenges for your business.

We don’t just sit in conference rooms coming up with A/B test ideas (and then picking one). Instead, we take a strategic approach by deep diving into your analytics and customer research data so we can do the smarter A/B tests that will have a more substantial impact on your business

6. We go layers and layers deep, so you don’t have to!

What makes us sticky and valuable is that we really care about getting the answers. We’ll go all the layers deep to find it for you. The reason our clients stick with us for as long as they do is that we think about things through a different lens, we ask questions, and we always find answers for them. We’ll just keep investigating until we figure out what has happened or why something didn’t work.

The core of all these is a marriage between traditional conversion rate optimization and A/B testing with the best practices of user research, and perfectly blending them, so our clients know they can trust us to ask the right questions and get the right answers for them.

7. Building the Testing Roadmap is (more) important than testing

The process of testing is not just about seeing what might happen, but rather understanding what you are testing and why. The goal here is to make sure that you’re not blindly throwing something against the wall and seeing what sticks. It’s more about you understanding the risks and benefits, as well as the potential outcomes. Having a clear roadmap is a good sign that your project will be delivered on time - one of our strengths is that makes our clients love and stay with us.

Testing the right idea is more important than testing different ideas. It’s not always necessary to test different ideas when you can just test one. The key to finding the right idea to test is in knowing what to test. We put a lot of work upfront to make sure we’re focused on high-value tests that come from real problems - that visitors have on your site so that you get higher win rates and bigger impacts.

8. Are you looking for a long-term partnership? Because we are too!

We’re conversion partners. We want to be an extension of your team. We make sure that we really get to know your team, we get a couple of things at the bat for different solutions, and all the thoughtful research that goes on alongside. Most of our clients will then continue working with us and we become their conversion strategy team.

We think about what questions to ask, and what the data is saying, we create the designs, and build the test for you as well and we appear to be your outsourced conversion rate and optimization team.

9. We are strategic partners and advisors

We seek to be your trusted advisor and partner for all things user research and conversion rate optimization. We want partners who lean on us to do the deep analysis and strategic work with them and are interested in learning about their customers and excited about finding improvements for their businesses.

We’re not just an outsourced A/B testing agency; you can find someone who will build and run random A/B tests. We strive to be a really smart partner, to build trust and understanding of your whole business, and to work closely together to make sure we’re putting the best experiences out there for your customers.

Curious about working with Experiment Zone and our services?

Check out our website (you can always message us) at experimentzone.com. You can connect with AJ Davis, our Founder, and CEO, directly on LinkedIn. We also have a free report card, so you get to understand how your site experience measures up.

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