Top Reasons You Need To Get Started With Conversion Rate Optimization Today

Get More Value From Your Website and Digital Marketing Efforts With CRO

Top Reasons You Need To Get Started With Conversion Rate Optimization Today

Are you continuously finding the right ways to improve your website - and validating those choices with data?

Do you have a handle on what visitors are looking for - and why they become your customers (instead of shopping your competitors)?

Are you consistently meeting and exceeding your online revenue and conversion goals?

If you can say yes to all three, great work! For everyone else, this article is here to help you understand how to achieve your digital goals using conversion rate optimization.

Need a primer on CRO?Check out our Ultimate Conversion Rate Optimization guide.

Without further ado, here are the top reasons you should be optimizing your digital customer experience using CRO today:

Reason #1: Stay Competitive, Especially With the Fierce Online Competition

Customers have their choice of many digital platforms and brands, which leads to a fiercely competitive online environment for consumer time and money. Most companies have realized how essential their digital channels are to staying in business. If you’re not testing, you’re falling behind Amazon and all of your competitors who devote big budgets to putting out the smoothest customer experience.

With the highly competitive digital environment, consumer needs and expectations can and do constantly change. Just think about how quickly people adapted to expectations around Amazon 2-day shipping and on-demand grocery delivery. Your competitors are constantly adapting their interfaces to what customers need.

Want to see how often your competitor changes their site? Set up Visualping or to get updates each time they are adjusting their interface.

CRO provides real-time insights into how customers are reacting and behaving. It provides a fast, data-driven path to putting these learnings into action, so your business can stay ahead.

Reason #2: Shorter Customer Attention Spans = Less Time To Get It Right

Customer attention spans have dropped by 25% since 2000, according to Harvard Business School historian Nancy Koehn. Your business is competing with more businesses for less time.

Your message has to be perfect.

Consumers aren’t going to spend time figuring out what you’re offering or how it works. They can easily click away and find someone who explains it better.

CRO will help you get that message right. With A/B testing, you’ll know what does capture consumer attention - and what gets them interested in purchasing.

Reason #3: Streamlines Your Customer Experience - The Layout, Look and Feel, and Experience

CRO is the best tool for finding the friction points in your customer journey - and smoothing them out. A data-driven strategy will uncover the best way to present your offer and close the sale.

A/B testing can uncover parts of the digital experience that detract from becoming a customer. It can also validate when more functionality and information are needed. With an iterative testing process, your website will be streamlined and primed for conversions.

Reason #4: Improves Efficacy of Other Marketing Efforts

Digital marketing is getting more expensive. With rising pay-per-click costs and more search engine competition, it’s harder and most costly to get your message across online.

By increasing the percentage of visitors who purchase, you can increase the ROI of your marketing efforts without spending more money on advertising or marketing. With CRO, all of the (marketing) boats rise.

You and your digital marketing team will reach your customer acquisition goals more quickly with CRO. By increasing the percentage of visitors who convert, you’ll achieve your overall acquisition and revenue goals more quickly than you would otherwise.

Reason #6: Increase Customer Retention

Customers who have a good experience come back. They often become product advocates. By continuously improving your digital experience, you’ll ensure that visitors have a smooth and satisfying experience from page one to purchasing.

With CRO, we also uncover a better understanding of your customers and their needs. At Experiment Zone, we’ve helped teams apply these broader learnings - to their product development, merchandising, and customer service teams.

At the end of the day, a well-optimized site will increase customer engagement and retention, ultimately driving a higher lifetime value.

Reason #7: Saves You (and Your Team) Time & Money

Conversion rate optimization takes away the guesswork of digital sites. Your team can stay focused on building products and experiences that drive revenue, rather than things that just don’t matter to customers. A data-driven approach is essential for cutting out wasted efforts, which are often disheartening and unsatisfying to employees. Instead, teams can be energized knowing that their ideas and efforts are having a positive impact on the business.

Reason #8: Grow Your Company Faster

CRO drives more revenue from your existing visitors and customers. With this additional profit, you can reinvest this into the business and grow more quickly. This will also help you stay ahead of the competition!

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