Customer Journey Mapping

We will take a research-backed approach to uncover and map the current customer journey.

Identify opportunities to improve conversion and the overall experience on your website through mapping your customer journey.

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How we'll improve your customer experience

How we'll map the customer journey. We will take a research-backed approach to uncover and map the current customer journey.

We will employ three research methods for the site experience audit:

  • Customer Interviews
  • Customer Survey
  • Analytics Deep Dive

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    Our Simple and Seamless Process

    We'll manage the end-to-end of the Customer Journey Mapping research. Our approach incudes three research analyses, a kickoff meeting, and a readout meeting.

    Pre-Work | Kickoff

    We will review key pages across the browsing and purchasing funnel against a UX checklist.

    We'll begin with a 1-hour kickoff. We'll meet your team and discuss what you know about your customer, what assumptions and questions you have about your customer, and review the research plan for the following research strategies.

    Strategy 1 | Customer Interviews

    We'll conduct interviews with customers and prospects to uncover their needs, wants, and pain points. We'll facilitate in-depth discussions about their current experiences and how they have become customers.

    We'll get a deeper understanding of your target customers and their journey to becoming customers.

    Timeline: 3-4 weeks

    Strategy 2 | Customer Survey

    We'll also conduct a survey of existing customers so we can quantify how frequent the needs, wants, and pain points were that we uncovered in the first strategy. We'll also use the survey to validate the information we learned in the qualitative interviews.

    Timeline: 2-6 weeks (largely dependent on survey response time)

    Strategy 2 | Analytics Deep Dive

    We will conduct an analytics deep dive, so we can match the current behaviors on the site with the opportunities/gaps in the customer journey. We'll analyze different customer segments - such as new/returning, their channel (such as ads, email, organic), among other ways of dividing up the data to understand the customer journey.

    Timeline: 1-2 weeks


    • Kickoff Call - 1 Hour
    • Biweekly Status Call - 15 min x up to 6 calls as needed
    • Read out call - 2 hours
    • Executive Report, which will include:

       Executive Summary (3-4 slides highlighting the key takeaways)
       Customer Journey maps (1-3 depending on what we learn in the interviews/surveys)
       Analytics Analysis with key opportunities and take aways
       Customer interview & survey highlights

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