Identify your customers and uncover their pain points and needs.

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Experiment Zone offers personalized UX research strategy and services to support you at every stage of your business.

We help our clients design and validate exceptional user experiences.

Unlike other marketing agencies,we focus exclusively on user experiences based on research . We work with Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, nonprofits and all kinds of organizations in between. We’ll provide UX research insights and strategic guidance you need to deliver quality and high converting user experiences, all while keeping your business goals and time front-of-mind.

We find answers to critical UX research questions:

  • How can we get more website visitors to become customers?
  • Who are our customers and what matters to them?
  • What products and services do our users need and want? How can we position ourselves to best serve their needs?
  • Why are users dropping off in our onboarding process?
  • How do we compare to our competitors?
  • How can we incorporate user feedback into our process so we can build the right experience?
  • What are the roadblocks that visitors and customers encounter with our website or product?
  • What can we do to increase the satisfaction of our users?
  • What is the best user research method for collecting feedback that balances our timeline, budget, and goals?
UX Research team

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    Identify top usability issues with your user experience with a test conducted by our expert team of UX Researchers . We’ll provide a thorough and detailed report of the findings from the usability study, and we’ll provide conversion strategy backed recommendations and experience improvements.

    Our UX research company supports each stage of your UX Research process - and fits in with your overall product development cycle:

    Generative Research

    Having an understanding of who your customers are (as humans), and what they experience in their everyday lives impact how you build your product or service. Our methods allow us to dig into the needs of your users beyond their screen and their interaction with your product to come up with a truly delightful and helpful solution to your user’s problems.

    Learn more about our generative research offerings:

    • Usability Testing
    • User Interviews
    • Surveys
    • Expert Reviews, including Cognitive Walkthrough and Heuristic Evaluation
    • Card Sort / Reverse Card Sort
    • A/B Testing
    • Analytics
    • Click Tracking Analysis

    Evaluative Research

    By allowing users to evaluate your product or service early and often, you'll know whether you're building the right solutions for your users. Our methods' insights are key to assessing what works and doesn't and identifying areas for improving your user experience.

    Read more about our evaluative research offerings:

    • Usability Evaluation
    • Customer Insights
    • Customer Discovery
    • Site Experience Audit
    • Navigation Optimization
    • Email Experience Audit
    • Conversion Strategy and Testing

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    "They’re an excellent team, and their expertise is extremely valuable..."

    - Eli Wood, Design Director, Designit

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    "We've leveraged Experiment Zone for multiple UX audits of our e-commerce and CRM experiments. Their framework consistently produces key insights that provide clear actions for us to make improvements to our UX…"

    - Sean Knotts

    About Experiment Zone

    At Experiment Zone, we bring thousands of user research projects to the table, and we will accelerate your product & UX strategy. Our UX research team delivers great transformation to your digital capabilities and builds a strong user experience that is succinct and simple, increasing your revenue growth.

    • Decades of experience providing high impact UX research services
    • Thousands of user research sessions and studies
    • Experience in a wide range of industries
    • Projects generally kick off in less than 1 week
    • Flexible timelines and project structure to fit your team schedule and workflows.

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