What is a Conversion Deep Dive?


Fast-track your conversion improvements with a deep dive into your website’s data and site experience. Conversion Deep Dive provides a deep analysis of your customer journey and experience to uncover high-impact conversion improvements. It provides the insights to fuel your conversion roadmap and ultimately drive more conversions and increase revenue.

Whether you are an entrepreneur seeking to boost your website’s conversion rates or a marketing professional looking for innovative CRO solutions, this podcast episode will provide knowledge about Experiment Zone’s Conversion Deep Dive service and how to get started growing your online revenue today!

Podcast Highlights

0:00 What is the Conversion Deep Dive?
0:23 How long does the Conversion Deep Dive take?
0:56 What is included in a Conversion Deep Dive?


Podcaster 0:00

What is the Conversion Deep Dive we’re currently offering at Experiment Zone?

AJ Davis 0:05

Our customers’ challenge is that visitors come to their website, but they don’t purchase or become customers. So the Conversion Deep Dive provides a conversion roadmap for your business and your testing programs.

Podcaster 0:17

And what’s included in the roadmap?

AJ Davis 0:20

Well, what we do is we’ll do a review of your site and your user experience to identify opportunities for improvement. What do you have on your site that can be changed or simplified to help conversion? We also analyze the site’s Google Analytics to really understand what customers are doing today and then to identify opportunities to grow those things.

Podcaster 0:37

And how long does the Conversion Deep Dive take?

AJ Davis 0:42

It takes us about 3 - 4 weeks from start to finish.

Podcaster 0:46

All right, and what are companies going to get once they do it?

AJ Davis 0:51

So to get specific, you get the analysis review from the analytics, and you also get the quick fixes; a list of things to do, and a prioritization, these are the things that we think will be most impactful and things that you can do most quickly. We will also provide a list of high complexity things that might take longer, blue sky type of opportunities with prioritization around it. And then we’ll also give a specific roadmap of things to do A/B testing on. In summary, all of these actionable tips will improve your site’s experience and drive more revenue.

Podcaster 1:29

All right, and if you are interested in getting a Conversion Deep Dive or want more information on it, you can visit our site at experimentzone.com to learn about our other services. And please subscribe to this channel to get all the upcoming tips from Experiment Zone.


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