Case Study: Insurance Leads

26% Increase In Leads After 6-Months of Conversion Rate Optimization

Client Background

The Insurance Company had a talented and robust sales team fielding leads through the website. They initially invested heavily in search engine optimization (SEO) and paid ads, but weren’t getting the conversion rates they needed to continue investing in these efforts.

The Challenge

The Company wanted to get visitors to complete a form, which would then allow the sales team to engage with the prospect by phone. Several industries were not supported by their company, so they needed to collect some information before the outreach. They also had dedicated landing pages for each type of insurance and each state they served, so that they could better match their sales representatives to the leads.

Our Strategy

Our team needed to collect data to understand what the underlying issues were on the site. We initially added tracking to each field of the form, so we could understand how visitors started - and when they stopped - filling out the form. This would help us understand where the biggest points of friction were in the experience.

Additionally, we needed to make sure that prospective customers were seeing the form. On some pages, the form was highly visible at the top of the page. Other pages did not present the call to action to get a quote until the very end.

We built a A/B test roadmap that would address these two types of issues and prioritized the tests based on the visibility, level of effort, the likelihood of success, and our expected level of impact.

The Results

During our initial 6 month engagement, we ran 6 tests. Three of these tests significantly drove more leads for their site.

We saw increases across the entire funnel. More visitors engaged with the first field of the form, and more visitors became leads by completing the full form. Overall, we saw a 26% increase in qualified leads through the website.

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