Case Study: Luxury Athletic Apparel

Increasing email sign ups ultimately encouraged more orders

Client Background

A luxury athletic apparel company strives to provide a best-in-class user experience for their ecommerce store. They wanted a strategic partner that would provide iterative testing to illuminate larger opportunities for their business, while making incremental improvements to order conversion rate, average order value (AOV) and email sign ups.

Additionally, they need to assure that the brand would not be compromised in the name of conversion, so they chose Experiment Zone as their CRO and research partner to keep the brand at the forefront.

The Challenge

The company desired to drive more email sign ups, but to do so unobtrusively. They didn’t want to interrupt the customer journey with pop ups and screen overlays.

Our Strategy

The company had an existing “Free Shipping” sticky banner which was persistent across the top of their website. We recommended using that existing banner to capture emails.

To avoid presenting too much information at one time, we decided to alternate between the “Free Shipping” message and the email sign up field. This rotation first displayed the free shipping message (on first page load and all odd page visits during the visit), then exposed the email sign up on the second page load and all even page visits.

If the test was successful, we believed we’d see an increase in email signups while order conversion rate remained unchanged.

The Results

By adding the email sign up in a persistent location across the site, we successfully drew more email signups. We saw a 110% increase in email signups by this change alone.

We also monitored to make sure we weren’t detracting from orders and were surprised by the result. The banner change also drew 11% more orders sitewide. Why did this happen? We drew more attention to the banner because the content was changing from page to page, so visitors were more likely to notice and be motivated by the free shipping value prop.

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