Case Study: N-able

A global solutions partner helping IT services providers grows their free trial requests from homepage visitors by 41%.

Client Background

N-able is a global solutions partner helping IT services providers deliver security, data protection, and remote monitoring and management services. As part of brand refresh, N-able partnered with Experiment Zone to redesign its web experience, remove friction from their visitors’ experience, and lift conversion rates.


Only a small portion of visitors that viewed N-able’s homepage were actually filling out a lead generation form. Visitors were exiting directly from the homepage or navigating to additional pages, but not making it far enough into the visitor journey to see the free trial sign form.

Our team at Experiment Zone believed the content at the top of the homepage was driving visitors to informational pages about N-able as a company, rather than directing visitors to learn about the products.

Our Strategy

In order to bring focus to the products and facilitate visitors moving through the site, we reorganized the content high up on the homepage. We shortened the homepage hero to bring attention to the information directly beneath the hero, and updated the homepage hero copy to clearly describe what N-able offers. We redesigned and minimized the section that described the type of visitors N-able serves to redirect focus to the product section below. Finally, we updated the format for the product section and moved it above the social proof on the page, making it easy for visitors to scan the products and find a related call to action.

Desktop Control

Desktop Variant

Mobile Control

Mobile Variant

The Results

The updated homepage was incredibly successful in guiding visitors to a form. For visitors that saw the homepage, requests for a free trial shot up 41%*. Visitors were less likely to get distracted by the visitor profiles and were much more likely to view a form during their visit.

As a bonus to the significant increase to free trial requests, our team was able to utilize these learnings about what types of information the visitor needed to conduct follow up tests across the N-able site.

“We’re delighted with the lifts we saw from Experiment Zone’s Conversion Strategy and Testing Program. This test was one of many big wins we had from our engagement.”

- Andrew Straus
Global Demand Strategist at N-able

*Based on the A/B test results collected through the testing tool, Google Optimize, and analytics tool, Google Analytics.

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