Case Study: Specialty Athletic Wear

27% annual revenue increase after first six months of partnership

Client Background

Specialty athletic apparel company produced high-quality clothing for women. They strive to create a consistent brand experience that provides educational content to understand their specialty product and performance fabrics, while also providing a clear and usable path to order.

The Challenge

This company had done extensive work to understand and grow their digital marketing strategy. Prior to engaging with us, they consistently engaged with page speed optimization, analytics tracking and analysis, SEO strategy and audits, and external UX audits.

They desired a partner who could put this data into action - and measure the impact of those strategic changes. They chose Experiment Zone to help prioritize and create a holistic strategy to improve their order conversion rates (OCR) and their average order value (AOV).

Our Strategy

We began by reviewing the existing UX and analytics data, so that our test ideas would be based on existing knowledge about their customers and their site experience. We also conducted our own site experience review and identified the biggest friction points in their store.

Combining these insights, we developed a series of test hypotheses and built a prioritized roadmap. We evaluated each idea systematically using our test scoring system, and determined the best tests for them to move the needle on both OCR and AOV.

The Results

Through the initial 6 months of testing, we conducted regular testing across key points of their sales funnel. The impact of the testing was a 27% estimated annual revenue increase.

We additionally identified new test ideas based on the successes and learnings from our initial testing. Ultimately, we exceeded a 15X ROI on the testing program.

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