Getting to Valuable Insights using CrazyEgg: The Best Data to Uncover Conversion Opportunities

Uncover opportunities to improve your customer experience and increase your online revenue.

CrazyEgg is a great visual analytics tool to understand what your customers are doing on your site. If used correctly, you can uncover opportunities to improve your customer experience and increase your online revenue. Often clients will have CrazyEgg or another click tracking tool on their site and are passively collecting data. They struggle to get real value from the tool.

Here’s our guide to making sure you can find actionable and valuable insights using CrazyEgg.


What’s CrazyEgg?


Heatmaps, Scrollmaps, and Click Reports

  • CrazyEgg captures what your website visiitors are doing. You can see how visitors are responding to elements on your site – whether they are scrolling, clicking, or just hovering over a section of the page.

And it’s… free for 30 days

  • Their basic package starts at $24 per month and includes 30,000 pageviews and 100 recordings.


What can I learn from CrazyEgg?


With click tracking, you can understand:

  • Are visitors scrolling on key information on the page?
  • What are visitors clicking on?
  • What parts of the navigation are visitors using?
  • Did visitors interact with the new element I added?
  • How did my A/B test impact how visitors are using the page?


Conversion Rate Optimization Use Cases


CrazyEgg is a useful tool, but it’s essential to keep your goals in mind when using it. You don’t need to run and review click tracking on every page or review every visit’s session. You should focus on high impact pages – pages with many visitors and pages along your funnel where customers encounter key information and decision points to ultimately covert

Here’s where we recommend starting with your CrazyEgg to have a big impact on conversion rates:


Homepage and Landing Page Scroll Map


Start by running and checking how visitors are scrolling on your homepage and other key landing pages. This helps us understand where the “extra” content is. If customers aren’t seeing it, it’s not effectively helping them understand your business and make a decision to purchase.


Test Idea Confirm that visitors are scrolling to the most important content on your landing page. Are they seeing your value prop? Are hey scrolling and seeing your pricing? Are all visitors seeing he call to action?

If fewer than 80-90% of visitors aren’t seeing this content, test moving it up on the page.


Test Idea Remove content that many visitors aren’t getting to.t It can simplify the overall maintenance of the site and encourage visitors to take action to the higher impact content.


Test Idea Shorten the hero. We come across a lot of sites where most visitors aren’t even trying to scroll. Experiment with shortening the hero, and set up another scroll racking recording to see if you’ve effectively nudged visitors to see the content below the fold.


Session Recording in Checkout


Visitors getting to checkout have high intent to purchase. They’ve done the work to find the product they want and are almost across the finish line. If you have a high cart abandonment rate, set up session recordings and watch how customers use checkout.



Look across desktop and mobile. Here may be different issues that surface based on the device. Watch for error messages. Are customers going back to fields they’ve already filled out? What’s causing this reaction?

Test Idea Consider adding auto fill options for the billing and shipping addresses. Make sure using an A/B test to make sure this is making it easier, not harder for customers. Some autofill tools don’t actually help customers, so measure it to be sure it’s having the intended impact.


Wrapping up


CrazyEgg can provide key insights that can help you understand your customers and drive more revenue. Have you started using CrazyEgg yet? What insights have you used to improve your conversion rate?

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