Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the commonly asked questions about testing, CRO, and Experiment Zone. Have other questions? Email us at


Why Experiment Zone?


There are hundreds of CRO tools on the market. Why would we use Experiment Zone?

Existing CRO tools fit into two categories. There are tools that run the test and collect the data, such as Optimizely and Google Optimize. There are tools that help you get to know what your customers are doing (such as click tracking tools, surveys, or analytics tools).

We stand apart from these two categories. We are here to support and optimize your CRO Program itself. We’re the tool for before and after the tests.

Before: We help you brainstorm and collect AB test hypotheses, so you focus on testing things that will achieve your business goals.

After: We provide you with a repository with everything you tested, so you can learn from what you’ve already done.

We’ve got an in-house team. Why would we want to hire outside resources?

Outside consultants will bring fresh ideas and perspective to your testing program. We can also increase the velocity of your program by providing the design, development, and analyst resources to execute AB testing.

With Experiment Zone, we also focus on the why alongside the what. We bring thousands of experiments of knowledge to the table, and we will accelerate your CRO strategy.


A/B testing & Conversion Rate Optimization


Why should my company doA/B testing?

A/B testing will increase your revenue. How? You will get more conversions without having to bring in more website visitors. With A/B testing, you will improve your user experience on your website, learn how your customers respond (and what works for them), and you’ll have better scalability as you more out of your acquisition efforts.

My competitor does testing. Can’t I just copy what they have done?

You could, but you should test it. Your customers are not the same as their customers. They may respond differently to the change, and you may end up hurting your conversion rates by making a change.

How is CRO different from SEO or paid search optimization?

CRO tests the interactions and designs after the visitor has made it to your website or app. SEO and paid search optimize what gets your visitors to your website in the first place.


Hypothesis Library is Experiment Zone’s Product


Do I get access to all the features in the free trial?

Yes! You get access to 100% of the product.

We’re already using a spreadsheet to track our test ideas. Why would we pay for Experiment Zone?

Spreadsheets are great! Our founder, AJ, was once characterized as a maker of “spreadsheets of spreadsheets” (she loves them!). As she used spreadsheets with clients, she ran into the same issues again and again. Customers were afraid to edit spreadsheets and add ideas for fear of “breaking” the formulas.

Spreadsheets were workable for the first review of ideas, but easily got clogged up with the past/current/future test ideas. Experiment Zone clears the way to stay focused on what matters, while keeping a rich history of brainstorms & test outcomes.